Finding West

A collected volume of poetry I completed in 2012, including poems I wrote between 1997 though 2012. The book is organized in three sections: the first section--West--includes poems from 2010-2012, written when I lived in Seattle, the second--Journeys--has poems from 2008-2010, written when I was living in India and Costa Rica, and the third--Geneses--includes some of my earliest poems. Please contact me for more information. 

Dancer's Song

An uncorrected proof of a novel I wrote and am currently editing. The book is about a dancer--Shruti--and a musician--Stephen Edwards. The story unfolds in India, where I explore the co-evolving artistic relationship Stephen and Shruti form together, and the love that develops between them. Please contact me for more information. 




A composition for chorus and trombones by John Bavicchi, completed in 2000--setting text from five of my poems. Published in 2001 by BKJ Publications and performed by the Arlington Belmont Chorale. The WorldCat listing can be found here

Performance 1: 2000 Premiere, conducted by John Bavicchi

Performance 2: Second performance, conducted by Barry Singer 


An a capella work composed by Frank E. Warren--setting the text of my poem: The little house stood quietly by the beach. The composition was published in 2015 by the Frank E. Warren Music Service. The premiere performance in 2016 was conducted by Dr. Dawn Gilmore at the Collinsworth School of Music at California Baptist University.

Writing Desk